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#1 Consulting

Within our Salesforce consulting services, we help companies select a Salesforce edition and features and advise on suitable integration, configuration, optimization or customization options for existing Salesforce CRM. We can also conduct an audit of your Salesforce system, diagnosing existing or potential issues.

#2 Implementation

We perform Salesforce implementation into your corporate cloud environment and carry out all the necessary configurations, data migration, workflow setup, and user training to meet your business needs.

#3 Migration

We help you move from your legacy system to a cloud-based Salesforce CRM. We clean and migrate your data, map your workflows on the Salesforce platform, cut redundant features, and add new relevant functions

#4 Customization

If you want to go beyond out-of-the-box capabilities, our experts can modify objects and fields, data models, user permissions, and other platform aspects using default customization capabilities and declarative automation tools.

#5 Development

We automate business processes and develop custom business logic, scheduled and batch jobs, add-ons, and packages for Salesforce using Apex, LWC, Aura, Visualforce, and other development instruments if you require modifications that Salesforce’s out-of-the-box tools can’t cover.

#6 Integration

We set up a seamless data flow between your Salesforce and any other system, like ERP, accounting, marketing, document management, and customer service tools through native integration or custom-built modules.

#7 Support

We render professional Salesforce CRM support and maintenance services. Our team can perform routine administrative tasks like user management, data migration and manipulation, etc., conduct health checks, resolve emerging performance issues, assist in user adoption, and deliver required updates and on-demand improvements.

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