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Microsoft Power Platform

Power Automate

Use Microsoft Power Automate to automate repetitive processes

Free up much-needed time to concentrate on the things you do best and allow Microsoft Power Automate to take care of the rest.

A system with almost 300 prebuilt connectors, Power Automate links seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 and Office 365 suites, as well as a wide range of third-party tools including Google Drive, Dropbox and popular social media platforms.

With Power Automate, creating a ‘flow’ is easy, and saves you a wealth of time spent on day-to-day tasks such as extracting data or monitoring social media accounts – plus, with the introduction of robotic process automation (RPA) you can now automate legacy processes, even if they’re unsupported by APIs.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Automate

Boost Productivity

Build efficient workflows to automate admin heavy tasks and integrate with third party apps

Build Secure Workflows

Utilise secure, cloud-based data loss prevention, identity, and access management services

Streamline efficiency

Automate monotonous part of your sales processes so your team can focus on actual selling

Build on Intelligence

Reap from the built-in AI capabilities, focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps

With Microsoft Power Apps, building and sharing low-code applications is a lot easier than you might think, enabling you to deploy solutions to refine processes and overcome organisational challenges.

The perfect platform for building cross-device applications, introducing Power Apps to your organisation will allow you to respond to demand and react to change at pace, as well as support mobile working.

Whether your data is stored in an underlying data platform, or across various online and on-premise data sources, Power Apps enables you to create custom business apps based on the data you hold using low-code development.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

Fast Deployment

Power Apps can be built and launched fast and can be continually improved

Fully Custom Built

Design and Build an App perfectly suited to your needs with additional pre-built AI components


Extend app capabilities with Azure Functions and custom connectors to integrate with existing systems

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

With Microsoft Power BI, you can unleash the true power of your organisation’s data, using insights you uncover to help you stay one step ahead of the rest.

Part of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI is a collection of cloud-based apps and services that can help you collate, manage and analyse data to acquire a wholesome view of your organisation, enhancing decision-making capabilities by displaying data and insights in a meaningful way.

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Enterprise Level Metrics

Pull all your data sources into one platform for easy access and to reduce cost and complexity.

Data driven decision

Identify valuable insights using the data visualisations and built in AI capabilities.

Secure your data

Secure and protect sensitive data and ensure it remains compliant even once exported.

Empower Staff

To create easy to digest dashboards with their most important KPIs.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agent (ChatBots)

With today’s consumers expecting responses to their questions within a matter of minutes, Power Virtual Agents can help you meet those expectations.

Power Virtual Agents enables you to use AI and data-driven insights to monitor the performance of your chatbots and use your findings to make continuous improvements. When deployed with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can gain a holistic view of your operations and generate new interactions with ease.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Easy to build

Power Virtual Agents are really easy to build customise and develop

Transform Customer Service

AI Driven Virtual Bots will help deliver the best Customer Service levels


Power Virtual Agents easily integrate with the Microsoft Power Platform

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